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These are photos of some rigs from Malaysia.  He is currently volunteering in Bangkok and traveled to Malaysia for the weekend to renew his visa.  He liked visiting Kuala Lumpur but he wanted to make one thing clear.  The Sears Tower in Chicago is still the worlds tallest building.  Not the Petrona Towers.  The Towers are simply decorations, not buildings.  After living in Chicago his entire life, and then personally seeing the Petrona Towers, it's a fact that the Sears Tower is easily the tallest.  By the way, be sure to check all the Malaysian Rigs out.


Malaysian Flag

Click on any of the thumbnails to see a big picture of these world-class rigs . . .

Malaysian Jeep YJMalaysian CherokeeMalaysian Muslim Police JeepMalaysian Jeep Cherokee

Malaysian Off-Road RigMalaysian Off-Road RigMalaysian Off-Road Toyota Land CruiserMalaysian Off-Road Toyota Land Cruiser

Malaysian Range RoverMalaysian DiscoveryMalaysian Land Rover Freelander

Malaysian Government Land Rover 109Malaysian Government Land Rover 109Malaysian Government Land Rover 109Malaysian Government Land Rover 109

Malaysian ToyotaMalaysian Off-Road TruckMalaysian Off-Road Truck

Malaysian RigMalaysian RigMalaysian RigMalaysian RigMalaysian RigMalaysian Government Rig


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