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Do you have a vanity license plate with an off-road theme?  Send us a picture of your plate and we'll post it on our site immediately.  Just e-mail them to us at  We will put them on as soon as we get it. 

The Boss 


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Mike's Plate Kevin Korinko's 1995 Discovery
Mike's 1994 YJ "JeepMud" plate from Chicago, Illinois

Kevin Korinko's 1995 Land Rover Discovery from Willow Springs, Illinois

Carmine Inserra's 1999 WJ plate from New York

Randy Stroede's plate from Missouri indianajeepplate.jpg (43056 bytes)
Randy Stroede's TJ from Missouri (

Dave's Jeep plate from Indiana ( 

Alan Harris-Newstead's 1997 TJ plate from the UK's Plate from England Mark's Plate's plate from England ( 

Scott Schintzius' 1998 ZJ "EXTREME ZJ" plate from New York (

Mark Carroll's plate from New Hampshire

Plate from British Columbia Tony Mauch's ZJ plate from California

Mike's CJ-8 from New York (

Shawn Hughes' plate from British Columbia ( )

Tony Mauch's ZJ plate from California

Martin's plate
David Beyer's 1998 XJ "Project XTREM XJ" plate from California Martin Carroll's Land Rover plate from Chicago   John Paulsen Jr.'s 1999 XJ "Yuppie" from Colorado ( 
tomysgp.jpg (23603 bytes) 4x4now.jpg (11705 bytes)

Plate from Tommy (

Unknown submission (E-mail us if this is you) Timothy W. Kyle's 1997 TJ "Voodoo Chile' ala Flambeau" plate from Texas (
NH Jeep Plate Jordan's plate from Jersey
Mark's NH Jeep plate Brian & Carmen Sasse's 1998 TJ "Buster" plate from Michigan Jordan's Plate from New Jersey
chapmanCAMPJEEP.jpg (26971 bytes) Spencer's TJ From Florida mudygirl1.jpg (63248 bytes)
Rob Chapman's plate from Ohio Spencer's find from Florida Muddy girl from Virginia
4jexep4.jpg (87156 bytes) badcj5.jpg (98366 bytes) cmpjeep.jpg (107435 bytes)
Jeep in the middle of a 4x4 from Virginia One Bad Ass CJ 5 Camp Jeepers from Ohio
jeeprz.jpg (79057 bytes) tjsport.jpg (88636 bytes) hadacj7.jpg (106258 bytes)
Colorado Jeepers A TJ Sport from New York He used to have a CJ 7 from Illinois
jeep2.jpg (77153 bytes) timstj.jpg (64511 bytes) webgpn.jpg (105532 bytes)
Jeep from Maine Tim's TJ from Ohio Jeepin in Nebraska
jeeper6.jpg (73282 bytes) cyajepen.jpg (137180 bytes) jp4x4.jpg (91899 bytes)
Jeeper from Illinois Jeepin in Ohio Jeep 4x4 in Kentucky
mojpin.jpg (97718 bytes) mudnrox.jpg (91583 bytes) dirtred.jpg (84259 bytes)
Jeepin in Missouri ( Rocks and Mud from Virginia Dirt Red Jeep in Illinois
mudygirl2.jpg (66990 bytes) rjeep23.jpg (66192 bytes) jeep212.jpg (65412 bytes)
Muddy Girl from Oklahoma Their Jeep from Illinois Jeep from Illinois
jeep89.jpg (74224 bytes) Jim Varner's plate from Colorado
John Huebner's plate from Illinois.
He runs with the Two River's Jeep Club
Plate from Idaho Jim Varner's plate from Colorado
GrandJeepin's 9-11 plate Matt Coffee's 1 Big Jp plate from Ontario, Canada Jonathan Taylor's TJ from the UK
GrandJeepin's 9-11 Jeep plate from Virginia Matt Coffee's 1 Big Jeep plate from Ontario, Canada (click here to see his Jeep) Jonathan Taylor's TJ plate
Samantha's plate from the UK Daryl's WJ plate from the UK
Samantha's plate from Dagenham Essex, UK Daryl's plate from Dagenham Essex, UK Range Rover plate found in  Manchester, NH
Mass YJ plate XJ plate from Virginia
YJ plate from the North End in Boston XJ plate from Virginia YJ plate from Canada
Gregg's CJ5 plate from Ohio washingtonplate.jpg (64393 bytes)
Gregg's CJ5 plate from Ohio Ramon's Jeep from Arizona Sam's plate and frame from Washington

**Some of these plates were shot at Camp Jeep 2002 as well as other places around the world.  If one is yours and you want your name with it, or want it removed from this site, please e-mail me at

(Help me replace these next plates with real plates)

Go Phish

The Samples

 Illinois Phish Plate

The Samples from Colorado

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