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Mark and Mike Carroll

Who are we?  Twin brothers from Chicago.  Any questions?  E-mail us.

Mark and Mike in Chicago
cj5_snow_01.jpg (111337 bytes)wiener_circle05.jpg (60398 bytes)camels_hump03.jpg (34637 bytes)Mark and Mike in Cho Chang, ThailandMark and Mike at Camp Jeep 2002Mark and Mike in Bruneigrad45.jpg (138404 bytes)
Mark and Mike before Mike goes to Peace CorpsMark and Mike going to the airport in Bangkok, ThailandMark and Mike off to Camp Jeep 2002Mike and Mark with JeepMud and Jaafar's old JeepMark and Mike in Cho Chang, ThailandMark and Mike in BruneiMark and Mike at the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand
Mark, Mike and Melena at the LuauJaafar, Mike and Mark at the Lion's Fountain Pub in Florence, ItalyMark, Mike, Crowley, and Jaafar at Chinque Terre, ItalyMike and Mark on the back cover of the Fairfield NowMark and Mike on Mount FujiMark and Mike sailing on Lake Michigan in Chicago, IllinoisMark and Mike on Kau San Road in Bangkok, Thailand
Erik, Mike, Mark and Rob on HalloweenMark and Mike in from of the Duomo in Florence, ItalyMark, Mike and Jaafar in Chinque Terre, ItalyMike and Mark on the Farm with JeepMud and the FarmallMontana, Mike, Mark and Pat in LondonMark and Mike in Venice, ItalyMark and Mike on Halloweenmark_mike_rig.jpg (94082 bytes)mark_mike_malaysia.jpg (103362 bytes)
Jeff, Mark, and Mike on the beach in Fairfield, CT
Mark and Mike on Mount FujiMike, Crowley, Jess, Cami, Mark, and Marissa in Florence, ItalyMark, Mike, and Tom in the DRgrad004.jpg (265530 bytes)Monatana, Mike, and Mark after some off-roading
boozin_before_cuba.jpg (75868 bytes)grad001.jpg (189532 bytes)dudes.jpg (59197 bytes)Mark and Mike in Londoncamels_hump04.jpg (58506 bytes)

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