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These are photos we collected in the summer of 2001 on our trip to Europe.  Most of these rigs were on the main road in Monte Carlo.  Monaco is a really cool country and it's about a 1/10th the size of Manhattan.  Really really wealthy too.  Check out all the great photos.

Monacan Flag


Click on any of the thumbnails to see a big picture of these world-class rigs . . .

Moracan Jeep Moracan Jeep Moracan Jeep Moracan CJ Moracan CJ Moracan Jeep in Milan Moracan Jeep in Milan

  Moracan Rigs Moracan Defender 90 Moracan Rover Moracan Rover Moracan Mercedes Moracan Rig and bike Moracan BMW Moracan Explorer Moracan Truck     

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