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These are some photos of our travels around the world.  They are in no way complete.  There are tons more, I just got to get them up here.  Tell us what you think. 


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markandmikekohchang.jpg (81610 bytes)racingmike.jpg (64125 bytes)waterbikemike.jpg (98360 bytes)watermarkanddog.jpg (105301 bytes)watermike.jpg (74034 bytes)
mikewalkinghome.jpg (104225 bytes)mikeandthekiddies.jpg (98986 bytes)mikelockingup.jpg (104489 bytes)walkingtotheairport.jpg (123729 bytes)
Mike and Mark in Thailand

MikeinLaos1.jpg (154191 bytes)MikeinLaos2.jpg (30119 bytes)
Mike in Laos

nodurians.jpg (74371 bytes)
Sign in Singapore

Mike and Mark on Mt. Fuji, Japan

MikeinMalaysia.jpg (52038 bytes)
Mike in Malaysia (mainland)

cambodiamike.jpg (94706 bytes)cambodiamike2.jpg (136121 bytes)cambodiamike3.jpg (105351 bytes)
Mike in Cambodia (Mark behind the camera)

mark_mike_malaysia.jpg (103362 bytes)random_rig.jpg (146474 bytes)road.jpg (109454 bytes)road2.jpg (118598 bytes)

Mike and Mark in Malaysia (Borneo)

markandmikeinbrunei.jpg (97927 bytes)Mark breaking into the German Embassymalay_script.jpg (135813 bytes)mark_brunei_nissan.jpg (84009 bytes)brunei_store.jpg (103963 bytes)
mike_nissan_rig.jpg (111598 bytes)
no_muslim_food.jpg (113468 bytes)road.jpg (107274 bytes)mark_mike_rig.jpg (94082 bytes)
Mike and Mark in Brunei

markandjeff.jpg (57227 bytes)mmfirenze.jpg (63063 bytes)margaretandmark.jpg (38307 bytes)
Mark in FirenzeMike in ItalyMark in PortofinoMark in PortofinoMark near Mt. Vesuvious at Pompei
All of us in Italy

Mark, Mike, and Tom in the DRMike, Drew, Jay, and the dude in the DR.Boyle climbing in the DRBoyle climbing in the DR
All of Us in the Dominican Republic

Mark on the shore in Havana, Cuba

Mark at the Vatican
Mark at the Vatican

Mike in Nepal

Mike eating in the cafeteria in Japan

morrocogroup.jpg (34736 bytes)
Mike and friends in Morocco

Mike at the Agra Fort, IndiaMike in DehliMike at the Taj Mahal
Mike in India

Mark and his Russian friend Alex
Mark in St. Petersburg, Russia

Mark and Mike in London
All of us in London

Mike in Israel

Top of the Sun PyramidSun PyramidMexican Political RallyIn TaxcoBall courtsChico Mark and Professora Itzel
On the street in MexicoCentro en CuernavacaAcapulco from my hotelColleen and Mark in CuernavacaBall courts
Mark on another Pyramid
Friends in TaxcoTo AcapulcoVinagrillo in Cuernavaca

Mark in Mexico

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